Sunday, January 29, 2006

You Heard it here First!

In the world of investing there are three people I have enormous respect for. I admire them because of their ingenuity, their record for making people money and the fact that they are each different from each other. The first is of my grand dad's generation: he is the the world most famous and most successful investor - he is often called the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet. His style? Value Fundamental approach. The next is Peter Lynch - creator of the world most succesful families of mutual funds: he is the ultimate stock finder and he is of my dad's generation. My own generation have our Warren or Peter, his name is Jim Cramer! Yeah Jim represents the ultimate growth guy - savy, quick yet intensely dedicated to the fundamentals.

This week, I beat Cramer to his game. You heard about CVS on here first, and this week we are three points up on the recommendation, and you know what? Cramer was on it on Thursday. I don't claim to be better than Cramer, but I claim to be close enough to read his mind before he sends the faithful to make us some money! CVS is a 6 months hold for me not a trade, the greying population is a plus for this stock ride it up until 34 after which you will sell and wait for a mow back..I'll keep you posted.

The market was very interesting this week and the month. It started rather crummy- but a deluge of good earnings reports on Thursday and Friday lifted the market. I am up on CVS, MSFT, and even what? Google! Anyway, it is earnings week again next week- I can't predict what will happen , all I know the earnings will decide the dance steps of the market. An interesting article to help all beginners in the market can be found here - enjoy!

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