Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hello peeps,
Welcome to my mind. I have a problem. What can i do about the voices I hear in my head? I have an idea, but i can't execute. What do you suggest i do? What I will do is why you are reading me. I am here to vent- I am here to say what I think about the market. It is for you to read and digest, it is for me to tell and tell it all.

I am an immigrant. Life can be very hard in a country with a totally crazy economic system like America. Life can be deeply confusing in the jungle of free market capitalism. The words are Free for madness, Market for Confusion and capitalism for greed. But I get you. You just want to make some money. Then you need to pay those bills- no one makes money just paying bills! Get into the market. You got to be hungry and I am here to feed you appetite.

Mine is an opinion. Ours is a cause. A cause for a richer more deepening bloging experience with the market pundit who happens to be an immigrant. You like the look on my face...then you gotta love this!