Monday, July 09, 2012

Wennovation Hub Director Headlines Calabar Event as Futaa Joins Ecosystem

The Wennovation Hub Program Director- Idris Bello is one of the invited guest speakers to headline the 2012 Career Day event hosted by The Bridge Leadership Foundation in Calabar, Cross Rivers State Nigeria to hold Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at the Cultural Centre, Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. 

The theme for this year is Talent, Leadership & Entrepreneurship’.

According to The Bridge, "The Career Day seeks to inspire and empower young people in choosing the right career paths and making informed decisions. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for young Nigerians and graduates who are; seeking to enter the job market, at the start of their career or aspiring to be entrepreneurs, to learn from accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals (home and abroad) that have made major achievements in different sectors in the society."

Idris Bello hopes to use the event to inspire young people to solve critical problems surrounding them using technology. Building on his working within the Wennovation Hub that has led to the incubation of over a dozen start-ups and raising over half a million dollars mostly from local investors for them in the past year, Idris hopes the ongoing technology revolution among young people is sustained.

In like vein, Nigeria have joined the Wennovation Hub as an active space user of the ecosystem. Coined from futaa, a common local slung for football in Kenya, is a new portal that intends to keep it local for African football in providing today’s and tomorrows news today, if possible. Started in Kenya, it has since expanded into Uganda and now Nigeria.With an intended 30 plus articles a day on the local news, leagues, Kenyan players in the region and abroad and news affecting the country Africa wide, intends to drop it to you in the soonest time possible be it at your desk or on your mobile.