Monday, August 20, 2012

OTGPlaya Secures Commercial Order, MobiQube is Anzisha Prize Finalist

OTGPlaya Entity LLC, a Wennovation Hub company secured its first sizable commercial order by virtue of an order from a major supplier of educational equipment to Texas school districts this past week. OTGPlaya initial supply will be fulfilled within thirty days, and marks a significant milestone in the life of the start-up that delivered the first prototype of its scalable platform in July. OTGPlaya was designated by the Texas Buy Board contractor as a major equipment supplier by virtue of this order, and will service the multi-year contract to deliver OTGPlaya devices to school districts across the State of Texas.

OTGPlaya Entity LLC is a technology development company with a proprietary platform (combination of hardware and software) that delivers OTGPlaya licensed content to entertainment lovers and students alike utilizing its real-estate conserving and bandwidth efficient equipment and seamless software/applications. Educational institutions can particularly leverage the OTGPlaya Kiosk to aggregate and deliver content via synced applications to OTGPlaya low-cost but powerful Genie tablet, that seeks to revolutionize the way students learn in the classroom.  Through its subsidiary in Nigeria, Prime CoHall Limited, OTGPlaya plans to deploy digital kiosks across Lagos state to deliver multimedia content to entertainment lovers currently handicapped by lack of access to reliable broadband connection, the premium cost of obtaining scarcely efficient access and the unreliability of the current ubiquitous DVD medium.

OTGPlaya CEO, Modupe Ajibola, did not not mince words in his email to his team that "the fulfillment of this first order, will mark the first step towards revolutionizing content is delivered in challenging environments; be it our schools or in emerging markets".

MobiQube Emerge Finalists

In related news,  the Wennovation Hub is pleased to announce that that 20-yr old Mahmood Oyewo, a co-founder of MobiQube Limited another Wennovation Hub company is one of 13  finalists out of a pool of 270 entries. MobiQube's flagship product is released this summer is RubiQube, an mobile app that aggregates geographic relevant applications for users. Mahmood will be heading to South Africa later in the week in an attempt to bring his incredible innovation to a continent badly in need of young innovators and entrepreneurs. Anzisha Prize is a Mastercard Foundation/Africa Leadership Academy backed prize for young innovators on the continent.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wennovation Hub CEO Wins Mentorship Award

The Mentorship Award was bestowed on the Managing Partner of LoftyInc and CEO of the Wennovation Hub,  Wole Odetayo by one of Africa's largest private philanthropic organizations: the  Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) on Saturday, August 11 2012.  

Mr Tony Elumelu, founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) and Chairman of Heirs Holdings (left) and Mr Mike Onolememen, Minister of Works (right), congratulating Wole Odetayo, CEO of Wennovation Hub and winner of the foundation’s Chief Ebitimi Banigo Award for Mentorship 2012 during TEF’s leadership development programme in Lagos, on Saturday.

The Award is the Chief Ebitimi Banigo Award for Mentorship. It's a fallout of LoftyInc/Wennovation Hub's current participation in their sponsored African Market Internship Program 2012 in which TEF seconded LBS-MBA student to us and partly, as a result of our disruptive "Lofty" initiatives in the tech space in Nigeria.

The Executive Partner of LoftyInc, Michael Oluwagbemi in a message to the team declared that, "we cannot have an effective ground team without a leader and that credit belongs to  Wole. I am incredibly proud of what we've been able to achieve this past year and a half together, and as I always in various forms.."we're just getting started"."

Indeed, the Wennovation Hub, Lagos Angel Network and very soon the Wennovation Hunt as well as the soon to be launched Wennovation Virtual Incubation Environment are all testimonies to the hard work of the Wennovation Team. So also are those dozen or so start-up companies the ecosystem supports between Nigeria, USA and Ghana. 

Wennovation Hub is a Lagos based Start-Up Accelerator focused on the ECOWAS market and the technology enabled sector(s). It is an initiative of the Africa Leadership Forum (the partner) and LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited (the operator). It provides access to space, broadband, mentors and funders through its hybrid eco-system: leveraging non-profit and for-profit philosophies. Focused on accelerating "wennopreneurs" from ideas to funding/commercialization, the pioneer class of Wennovation Hub members of four companies have obtained up to $500,000 in investor commitment with over 80% coming from local investors. More than nine start-ups are currently members of the Wennovation Hub ecosystem and to varying degrees the portfolio of the operator company.