Monday, February 20, 2006

Still Searching

The market is open for one less day this week - closed for President's day. Generally, a shorter trading week indicates a lull to robust upcoming trading week since 5 days money will become 4 - depending on the market's mood.

CBI is up 10% from last week's recommendation, while XMSR is down 12% after it and SIRI announced a wider lose. I say buy more XM - it has been over sold and you can make an easy killing. The competition is just so well defined that it is too tempting to ignore this buying opportunity. Remember that the objective of a business enterprise is to make money and kill competition- XMSR is doing a better job at it than SIRI.

Google (GOOG) is back but I think Yahoo!! ( YHOO ) has a better valuation and lower expectation hence a better upside. Imagine GOOG at 360 as 36 dollars, YHOO is 31 + . While GOOG can easily get to 430, I see YHOO getting to 42. There is a difference between 11 up and 7 up- Go for YHOO. YHOO is GOOG most formidable enemy yet GOOG is arrogantly focused on Microsoft - bad business buddy, no one incurs the wrath of Mr. "Softie" and gets away with it. Stay posted