Friday, April 01, 2011

Managing Partner Joins IBM Mentor Program

Dr. Wole Odetayo, LoftyInc's Managing Partner have been nominated and has joined the IBM Enterprise Challenge 100 Days. The IBM seeks to connect highly visible mentors in participating countries globally with professionals that can help them achieve  specific, measurable  and realistic goals in their entrepreneurship endeavor within 100 days.

Wole has been paired with Sebastine Nzeadibe, a Project Manager at Zain Nigeria. Wole's goal is  to reach recruit 10 entrepreneurs and raise =N=5 million (naira) within 100 days for the Wennovation Hub Project as part of LoftyInc's Joint Initiative with Africa Leadership Forum- the I-3 (Innovation Incubation Initiative).

Dr. Odetayo at SME Toolkit Conference 2010 

Do you know...

  • That the Wennovation Hub just launched a free consulting service for start-up entrepreneurs at the hub facility every friday between 9 and 3 pm? Schedule an appointment today at and speak with our world class management consultants!
  • That LoftyInc is now a member of the World Bank's