Monday, August 22, 2011

MobiQube Joins Wennovation Platform

Mobile platform application developer and indigenous social networking operator, MobiQube Nigeria Limited recorded a milestone when it officially became the newest member of the Wennovation Platform on August 15th, 2011. MobiQube was represented by Chief Executive Officer, Mukhtar Oyewo; signing on behalf of LoftyInc was Wole Odetayo, Managing Partner.

MobiQube have a number of products in the pipeline, including Yarnable: a micro-discussion social site focused on Africa currently undergoing major revamp after MobiQube late May 2011 takeover. Due for release soon are beta versions of FoneRecharge and GreetingCards, as well as suite of free-apps for various smart phone platforms. Major development of the suite is already ongoing at the Hub facilities where MobiQube's top flight team are working towards a mid fourth quarter release in time for the holiday season. 

The Wennovation Platform is one of three flagship programs being run by the Wennovation Hub, the other being WennoConsulting and WennoCamps, focused on offering robust support to start-ups with products in advanced development or in the market. MobiQube joins PrimeCoHall within this program, as well as the three legacy companies for which LoftyInc have always provided ongoing support since 2008. 

LoftyInc & MobiQube sign the dotted line...
Dr. Wole Odetayo reaffirmed at the signing that, "For the Wennovation Hub, this new member is particularly synergistic with our focus on mobile application development or linked companies in 2011; coming off the intensive training  phase of WennoCamp, organized in partnership with MIT-AITI for mobile application development at the University of Ibadan in early August". That training being a precursor for the WennoCamp incubation phase which will soon take off at the Hub. 

In the next few weeks, LoftyInc will partner closely with MobiQube to ensure timely and effective release of products in the fourth quarter, while helping the MobiQube team identify strategic options to enhance the company's viability. LoftyInc will also gain one board sit as a result of this strategic addition to our portfolio firms.